Ferry Terminal, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

So what can a 70,000 square foot abandoned ferry terminal building be used for? Well, a client of ours had an answer; turn it into co-sharing offices for creatives and evolve a community of tech-entrepreneurs and small fledgling businesses!

For us, the project started in mid 2017 with a detailed study to determine what functions could go where within the building without changing very much. Consideration also had to be given to the enhancement of services such as heat, lighting and electrical power, but also the provision of social spaces, meet-and-greet areas and dining options.

The project required a grant of planning permission for a change-of-use from ferry terminal to predominantly offices. The proposal also included a fully-functioning 50-cover restaurant, food and beverage as well as marine technology research and development spaces, audio-visual media studios, a small coffee vending outlet, dedicated car and cycle parking and additional toilet accommodation, new external signage and some new windows.

After high-level discussions with the planners, we lodged a planning application and, after further information and clarification on same, planning permission was granted.

Unfortunately, the project was aborted by the client due to complications regarding foreshore licensing. However, we did achieve certified approval for disabled access and carried out a detailed fire safety assessment and lodged an application for a fire safety certificate, but had to withdraw it subsequently due to the termination of the project.