The Assigned Certifier:

In March 2014, new laws relating to the commencement and certification of construction works came into effect (BCAR 2014). The new laws include the nomination of a competent builder to carry out works in accordance with the Building Regulations, and the nomination of competent persons, the Assigned Certifier and the Design Certifier, to certify the design as well as inspect the works to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations.

The function of these client appointees is to demonstrate that all necessary Building Regulations have been considered at the design stage and that these have been implemented in the final constructed building or works.

There are many useful guides on the internet, including at the following link;

For information from the R.I.A.I., click here

Architects Certs:

Really, these are called “Architects Opinions on Compliance” relative to Planning Permission and Building Regulations, or exemptions.

If changes or additions have been made to a building that you are selling (e.g., extensions, attic conversions etc.), a buyer (or your lender if you are borrowing using the building as security) might want an “architects cert” from you stating that these alterations are okay with regard to planning and building regulations.

Of course, they might not be! So it might be worth asking an architect to find out if these kind of changes are likely to be okay when you go to sell.

Fire Certs; Please see our section on this here.

Disability Certs; Please see our section on this here.