All designs are in 3D

All designs are in 3D

Conservation work.

Conservation work

Unique one-off houses.

Unique one-off houses





Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Raeside Architects aim is to make places better....; from public places to internal spaces and everything in-between. When you become our client, you will be like-minded and will want us to push design boundaries, seek out appropriate yet alternative ways of making. Give us an unusual or problematic site or building to deal with and we thrive on the challenge. Give us a demanding brief and we give it a great big hug!

But make sure you are okay with how we do things before you even think of calling us; everything we design is unique, "of today" and some may say "quirky". But we don't take chances with your hard-earned euros; in over 200 projects in 13 years, our success rate with planning permissions is 98%!

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